Our Leadership


 Richard Harris, Elder/Pastor

John Crouch, Elder


John is in an executive position in a national company in the communications department. John is married (Roseann) and has 6 children, and 6 grand children.  John has faithfully served as an elder for over 10 years in our fellowship and has represented our congregation at our yearly Annual Conference of the Bible Fellowship Church. John has demonstrated great wisdom and service for the Lord and is a steady "rock" for our congregation.

Steve Kay, Elder

Steve and his wife Hotsuyo came to know the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of this local church more than 12 years ago. Steve has served the Church as a Deacon for 5 years and has demonstrated by his life and witness that he qualifies for Eldership in the Bible Fellowship Church. We are particularly blessed to have Steve and Hotsuyo in our fellowship, both of them are dedicated to the Cause of Christ and His Church.  Steve has 2 adult children and and has 5 grandchildren.

Tom Sacco, Deacon

We welcome Tom as a Deacon who will oversee our benevolent ministries such as our food drives for the homeless and working poor in Newark, NJ, through the ministry of our sister church there. Tom is married to Maria and has two wonderful children in their teens, Freddy and Ruthy.  Tom has had a lot of experience in the work of the Church and we as a Congregation are very blessed to have Tom serve the Church.