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  • Jan2Mon

    A NEW YEAR....

    January 2, 2017
    A very happy NEW YEAR! to all our Church Family, and everyone who reads this. We are grateful to God for another year of service to our Savior. 
    I began the New Year at Church with a sermon on Nehemiah 3 (my current series), and observed that chapter 3 contents are the names of individuals and groups of people who helped in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. A list of names does not seem like very inspiring passage of Scripture... at first glance, but it is fill with interesting details about how the work of the Lord is to be done.  I believe this material originally came from Charles Swindol's work on this passage.   There are principles to observe from this passage: 
    1. The work of the Lord should be done decently and in order: 1 Cor 14:40
    2. The work of the Lord should be divided up:  Eph. 4:12
    3. The work of the Lord requires ALL kinds of people: 1 Cor. 12:7; 1 Cor. 15:58
    4. The work of the Lord should be done with the right motivation: 1 Cor. 3:13-15

    In this list of names we see that the Lord rewarded those individuals by having their names inscripturated! For all to read! Amazing when you think about it. We read the names of individuals who out of a desire to please and serve their God... were honored by God by having their names written down to be honored for all time.   
    My view is that God honors his people whenever they participate in Kingdom Building! It is not that we want to see our names in "lights", but that God values you as an individual when you lend a hand to build his Kingdom. Everyone had a job to do... a section to rebuild. Everyone was valued equally.  The analogy to the work of the Church today can be clearly seen in this passage. The people had a 'mind to work' and the enormous job was completed in record time.  We as a local church (and your church as well) needs to put into practice the principles at work here in this chapter.  
    What a joy it is to serve the Living God! His Kingdom is built by individuals doing what God has called them to do. 
    And HE is calling you to do the same.