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    March 10, 2018
    On Thursday before Easter we have a tradition in our church of having a Passover demonstration and talk about the last Passover of our Lord Jesus, and the significance it has for Christians today.  My wife sets up a series of tables in our Sanctuary and it looks like a dinner setting for about 30 or so people.  It is a very beautiful sight.  And one of our favorite services for many of our Church family. It is a family friendly service and we do not have a complete meal, but several Passover plates are set up on the table with lots of Matza and grape juice. We go through the Passover Sedar in part and sing hymns and read Scriptures.  It is a very informative service as we remember our Lord Jesus' sacrifice of Himself on the Cross.  

    On Good Friday we have a very simple service comprised of Scripture readings, hymns and prayers. We have a life-size Cross that we bring to the front of the auditorium and invite people to come forward and nail an old fashion nail with a small piece of paper that says "Forgiven" on it. We ask that people come around the cross and one by one nail that paper onto the Cross. The only sounds you hear are the sounds of the nail being hammered into the wood.  It is a very graphic and moving reminder of how much Jesus loves us and of His great mercy toward us and being crucified on the Cross. We then sing a hymn and pray. 

    On Easter Sunday we have our SUNRISE SERVICE at Gardner Field in Denville at 7:30am.  All our community is invited to our service and our Town graciously allows us to use the Pavilion each year for the past 30 years or more.  This is a community event and most of the people who come to the event are not from our Church. We welcome any and all to come and participate in this wonderful celebration of our Resurrected Christ!