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  • May15Sun

    Knowing God...

    May 15, 2016
    J.I. Packer did the Church a great service by penning the book "Knowing God" which is written in popular style, and filled with solid Biblical content.  I began a series of sermons today on Bible Doctrine and and will quote Packer often.  I have come to a place in time where I believe I am now ready to make an attempt at preaching on broad doctrinal topics that will be understandable and helpful to the average believer. I suppose every preachers' struggle is to try to make subject matter relevant and memorable to the body. Bible Doctrine is particularly difficult to communicate in a fluid and articulate way so that people will go home wanting to know more about God.  The goal is to help people grow in their faith in such a way that the doctrine has an impact that is immediate and powerful.  It is my prayer that this series will be something that will change lives and motivate His people to search the Scriptures more each day.