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  • May8Sun

    Memories of my Mother

    May 8, 2016

    The Beach


    The sun was hot… the sand was hotter than the sun.

    We went from sun-soaked sand to cool water.

    You were our own personal life-guard,

    Seriously studying the surging water…counting heads.


    Salty breezes caressing our brows…

    Memories hover in this love filled room,

    Thinking back to that magical moment…

    Every time I smell the Ocean.


    You held my hand tight as we raced down the beach

    So we would be the first to cross the imaginary finish line.

    We slept on the way home…

    Too tired to traumatize our siblings.


    Those moments on the beach… frozen in my memory…

    Like a picture-postcard! Precious…Inviting.

    You made those moments possible,

    And I am grateful.


    The beach… not just a place…

    But an encounter with time and tender thoughts….

    An accumulation of memories of good times with you.

    You wanted us to be happy… and we were…


    And I am happy at this moment

    as I see you smiling on the beach.