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  • May17Tue

    Really Amazing Grace

    May 17, 2016
    I started my doctrinal series of sermons with the concept of GRACE.  There are so many aspects to this word, but I began by talking about the Sovereign Hand of God in doing His work of Grace in our lives, first of all in salvation and then in our practical experience of daily living. J.I. Packer was very careful in his book "Knowing God" to lay a very extravagant matrix as a foundation of the book. I remember, as a younger Pastor standing amazed at his insight. And what that did for me was make "Grace" truly AMAZING for me.  I point you to his book, and it can be easily found on Amazon.  
    When I think of God's Grace in bringing me to the point of surrender and acceptance, I had no idea of the depth of His Love in extending his mercy to me.  I remember being exposed to what has been called "the doctrines of Grace", at a Bible Presbyterian summer camp where the pastors of that Presbytery preached the simple Gospel of Grace!  I remember it being a truly transformational moment.  (From the time I first heard the Gospel explained by my then girlfriend and her family, to hearing it from the Godly Pastor's at that summer camp.) I grew up in an mainline church and felt myself 'religious', but this was the first time I heard that God's Grace can provide eternal life for me. 
    And now, so many years later, I envision myself at that time, with a new-found faith that led me into a life-long career of seeking to share that Grace with all who cross my path.  I love being a Pastor, even 42 years later! This series is causing me to think back over my lifetime in ministry as I recall the numerous times I witnessed the Grace of God working in people's lives, not only in salvation, but in His calling in the lives of those who are called into ministry, or those who have chosen (through His Sovereign Grace) to walk with God as He graciously draws us daily to Himself.  Grace: truly Amazing!