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  • Oct22Wed

    The Church as a "Lifeline.'

    October 22, 2014
    We begin a journey of bringing our website into the new era of communication. Our purpose is to redeem the tools at our disposal to create an environment where Christians as well as non-Christians can explore and think critically about matters of faith and eternity.  I have been a Pastor in the ministry of the Word of God for 39 years (and counting!). As with any Pastor, there have been ups and downs, but always the "Constant" of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  
    I have come to realize the importance of keeping a line of communication open to those within the community of believers, as well as a "lifeline" available to those who are seeking something beyond themselves.  As a young Pastor back in the 70's it was beyond anyone's imagination that something like the internet would exist. And to be able to use this mighty tool to talk about our Wounderful Savior, is truly remarkable.
    Our church is testimony to the faithfulness of God - to see His people loving God; loving his Word and loving each other. And to see this testimony expanded to the web, with the help of the incredible ministry of people at Radiant Webtools, is the fulfillment of our prayers.